Finding the Best Fitting Garbage Bag

Finding a garbage bag that fits your waste container can be challenging especially considering all the different options available to you.  With this guide you should be able to find the perfect size bag every time. Continue reading “Finding the Best Fitting Garbage Bag”

Changes at Kitsupply

Over the past few weeks there have been several changes at Kitsupply.  The first of course is this, the updated website.  It had been in the development stage for over a year and we are very excited to finally have it live.   The addition of a blog was an important part of the website and a tool we hope you refer to on a regular basis.  The aim is to release a new post every two weeks and look forward to hearing your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions for anything you would like to know more about. Continue reading “Changes at Kitsupply”

Understanding pH Levels

Understanding pH levels is critical for cleaning effectively.  A common misunderstanding people have when buying cleaning products is that the higher the pH, the more effective the product will be.  This is completely untrue.  The pH level of a product simply indicates the concentration of hydrogen in a product and each end of the pH scale has unique properties when it comes to cleaning. Continue reading “Understanding pH Levels”