April 15th, 2021 Update:

Throughout the entirety of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Kitsupply has remained open.

We have been told consistently by our customers, many of whom are front-line essential workplaces, that they need us.  We have taken every precaution available to reduce contacts with the outside world, including curb-side pick-up, early mask adoption, restricting access to our storefront, and delivery accommodations, and as a result have been fortunate enough to remain open to serve and assist.

Yesterday, Wednesday April 14th, Medical Officer of Health for Grey-Bruce County Dr. Ian Arra stated that  “We have identified over 70 new confirmed cases across Grey Bruce in the last thirty-six hours with the potential to generate hundreds of additional close contacts,” and that, as a result of the strain that this will place on contact tracing, “Everyone across Grey Bruce needs to consider themselves a carrier for the next 48 hours until we reach all case and their contacts. It is a priority that everyone stay at home except for essential travel. If contacted by public health, be prudent in following any direction that is given. This is in addition to the provincial stay-at-home order.”

In compliance with Dr. Arra’s recommendation, Kitsupply has made the difficult decision to close down our office on Friday, April 16th. If you were expecting a delivery Thursday or Friday, you have been contacted. IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED, AND ARE EXPECTING A DELIVERY, CALL US AT (519) 881-2007 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Kitsupply remains as committed as always to our customers, and ensuring that your needs are met. It is our opinion that Dr. Arra has lead our health unit through the Pandemic with exemplary guidance, and as such we will be taking his recommendation with the utmost gravity.

Alongside other businesses in Walkerton and across Grey-Bruce, Huron-Perth, and Wellington Counties who have faced the past difficult year without closures, Kitsupply would like to thank our staff for their unrivaled fortitude and innovations in this difficult year, and we humbly ask for our customer’s understanding in this decision.

Kitsupply is open today, Thursday April 15th, in order to accommodate any emerging needs of customers.

Kitsupply will be closed tomorrow, Friday, April 16th. Our phone will be answered by one of our incredible staff members, who will help you to place an order.

Kitsupply will be returning to normal office hours Monday, April 19th. We ask that, if possible, you hold your orders until Monday. However, we are available to accommodate emerging needs, so if you require supplies BEFORE MONDAY, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY AT (519) 881-2007, or via email.

Kitsupply thanks you for your understanding, your compliance with Dr. Arra, and for your continued support.