September 28 Update:

September 28 Update:

DON’T LET COVID FATIGUE GET YOU DOWN! We’ve all felt it at this point: that frustration when we walk up to a business’s front door and realize we haven’t brought our mask, or the annoyance at seeing someone else not observing what are now well established social conventions (like following the arrows in the grocery store), not to mention the incredulity when we read about students throwing parties!

DON’T LET THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS AFFECT HOW YOU MOVE THROUGH THE WORLD! Their choices are not your own, and as long as you follow the guidelines laid out by the WHO, Canadian government, and your own health unit, their choices shouldn’t affect you.

DON’T LET SECOND WAVE PANIC LEAD TO PANIC BUYING! Certainly we should all be stocking up on the essential items we need to remain safe during these difficult times, but there is no rush, and there is no shortage. Take a moment and make a plan as to what supplies you’re going to need, and when, and purchase them in a calm and timely fashion. Buy what you need, but don’t hoard supplies.

DON’T LET STOCK SHORTAGES AFFECT YOUR FEELING OF SAFETY! I’s true, the supply chain to Canada ( and most of the world) has been disrupted, and as a result many of the items we have come to rely on are now unavailable. But this doesn’t have mean to mean that we need to go out. Be innovative! At Kitsupply, we have found the following replacements:

  • NO MORE LYSOL WIPES? Use a sturdy disposable cloth and an effective disinfectant, such as SABER, found at Kitsupply and GET WIPING! SABER RTU DISINFECTANT is approved by Health Canada to fight Coronavirus!
  • CAN’T FIND THE NITRILE GLVOES YOU LOVE? Try switching to VINYL or LATEX gloves instead! LATEX and VINYL GLOVES offer a great alternative for those able to use them, and have not faced a scarcity.
  • PURELL IS RESTRICTED TO HEALTHCARE ONLY? Get a BULK FILL dispenser and a jug of BIO-SCRUB hand sanitizer; NOW AVAILABLE IN 473 mL and 118 mL as well as 3.78L, BIO-SCRUB is a gel based sanitizer THAT ISN’T WATERY AND SMELLS GREAT!
  • WASH YOUR HANDS! Hand washing remains the number one most effective way to fight the spread of germs and viruses, and FROSTY PEARL LOTION SOAP and CLEAN AND GREEN FOAMING HAND SOAP, combined with hot water, will kill even the most hardy germs!

MSOT IMPORTANTLY, TAKE THE TIME TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE! The current situation may feel permanent, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay vigilant, stay smart, stay protected, and stay calm!