Finding the Best Fitting Garbage Bag

Finding a garbage bag that fits your waste container can be challenging especially considering all the different options available to you.  With this guide you should be able to find the perfect size bag every time.

For Round Waste Containers:


  • Take the diameter (D) of your waste container and multiply by 1.57083.
  • Example: Diameter=19.5″
    • D x 1.57083=Bag Width
    • 19.5 x 1.57083= 30


  • Take the diameter (D) of your waste container divide by 2 and add height (H) of your container and overhang (OH)
  • Example: Diameter=19.5″ Height=22.88″ Overhang=4″ (This is just a general number-some people want more overhang, and some want less)
    • D/2 +H +OH=Bag Length
    • 19.5/2 + 22.88 + 4=37

In this case your ideal garbage bag size would be a 30×37.  We carry a 30×38 which would work just as well.

For Square/Rectangle Waste Containers


  • Take the perimeter (P) (total of all sides) and divide by 2.
  • Example: Square container above has 4 equal sides each measuring 14.75″
    • P/2 =Bag Width
    • 14.75×4=59 (P)
    • 59/2=30


  • Take 1/2 of the width (W) of the smallest size and add height (H) of the container and overhang (OH)
  • Example: Width=14.75″ Height=25.5″ Overhang=4″
    • W/2 + H + OH=Bag Length
    • 14.75/2 + 25.5 + 4=37


Below is a list of our regularly stocked garbage bag sizes.  Please let us know if you require any assistance finding the best fitting garbage bag for your waste container.

  • 20″x22″
  • 22″x24″
  • 26″x36″
  • 30″x38″
  • 35″x50″
  • 42″x48″