Product Spotlight: Disinfecting Wipes

It’s that time of year again.  When the weather is constantly changing and many people are getting sick.  Having disinfecting wipes within reach can help eliminate any germs.  This post will examine two of our disinfecting wipes and their typical uses.  Oxivir TB Wipes and Steridol Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Wipes are both regularly stocked items and available per case or individually. 

Oxivir TB Wipes RTU (160 Wipes/Canister)

Oxivir TB Wipes are a ready-to-use (RTU) surface cleaner and intermediate level disinfectant wipe.  They required a one minute dwelling time in order to be effective against bacterias and viruses such as salmonella, HIV and HSV-1.  Oxivir Wipes can also be used as a broad-spectrum sanitizing wipe and only requires a 30 second dwelling time.  It can be used to clean most hard nonporous surfaces.

Steridol Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Wipes (160 Wipes/Canister)

Steridol Wipes are a 3-in-1 wipe.  They scrub, disinfect and sanitize in as little as 15 seconds.  They eliminate mold and mildew and reduce the risk of cross-contamination on surfaces where food is served or prepared.  It is effective against a variety of bacteria and viruses including salmonella, Hepatitis B and SARS.  We are currently using the steridol wipe in our office on our phones, keyboards, desks, etc.  It can be used on a variety of surfaces but is not recommended for use on unpainted wood, natural marble or brass.


While both disinfecting wipes have a long list of kill claims, they are typically used in very different areas.  Oxivir TB Wipes are typically the choice for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and gyms whereas the Steridol Wipes tend to be used as an everyday cleaning wipe.

For a full list of kill claims on both products click here.