Degreasers and their uses

A common product that people come in looking for is a heavy duty cleaner that will remove grease, oils, and other difficult to remove items.  This post will examine our three most popular heavy duty degreaser cleaners; Citrusolve, Blue Thunder, and Impek.


citrusolve all purpose

  • pH=12-13 (depending on dilution rates)
  • Acceptable for use in Canadian food plants

Of the three degreasers we carry, Citrusolve is the most environmentally friendly.  It works as a cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer without using harsh solvents or caustic chemicals.  Can be used on any washable surface and leaves surfaces clean with a pleasant citrus fragrance.  Due to the pleasant fragrance, Citrusolve is often used for eliminating cigarette smoke odours.


Blue Thunder


  • pH=13
  • Acceptable for use in Canadian food plants

Blue Thunder would be considered the middle ground of the three degreasers we carry.  It is very effective but is not as strong as Impek and isn’t as environmentally friendly as Citrusolve.  Blue Thunder is an extremely effective solvent degreaser for tough dirt on water washable surfaces (except glass).




  • pH=13
  • strongest of the degreasers

Impek is the strongest of the three degreasers we carry.  It is a quick action cleaner and is particularly effective on greasy and difficult to clean surfaces.  Impek does not need to be diluted but can be if needed.  Not recommended for use on windows, mirrors, waxed floors, natural or varnished woods.

As with many cleaners, it is recommended that you pretest any of these degreasers.  That way you can change the dilution rates if necessary to make the product most effective for your situation.  Every one of these degreasers come in a 1 gallon (3.78L) jug and have 4 jugs in a case.  While we only stock the gallon jugs, other sizes are available for special order.