Product Spotlight: Winter Rinse Away

Winter is in full swing which means a lot of snow, ice and most importantly for us-the spike in ice melter sales.  While ice melters are an effective way to eliminate snow and ice from your entrance way, they are not always kind to your carpet and/or flooring.  The white residue left behind is difficult to clean unless the right product is used.

winter rinse away

Winter Rinse Away is a concentrated detergent used to neutralize all salts that accumulate during winter.  It is easy to use: mop on, mop off!  It can also be used in an auto scrubber and carpet extractors.  Dilution rates are as follows:

  • 1:40⇒Routine winter use
  • 1:30⇒Heavy duty use
  • 1:30⇒Use in carpet extractor with rinse water

As with any product, if it is your first time using it start with a lower dilution rate.  If you find that your solution is not being effective enough, you can always add more Winter Rinse Away.

Winter Rinse Away comes in a 3.78L (1 gallon) jug.