Understanding pH Levels

Understanding pH levels is critical for cleaning effectively.  A common misunderstanding people have when buying cleaning products is that the higher the pH, the more effective the product will be.  This is completely untrue.  The pH level of a product simply indicates the concentration of hydrogen in a product and each end of the pH scale has unique properties when it comes to cleaning.

Products with a pH of 7 are considered neutral.  Products with a pH below 7 are acidic and have descaling properties.  These products are better used for removing calcium, rust and other mineral non-organic items.  Products with a pH above 7 are alkaline and have degreasing properties.  These products are better used for cleaning dirt, grease, oils and other organic items.  A product’s pH level determines its best use.

  • DESCALER- strong acid with a pH between 0 and 2
  • SCRUB- weak acid with a pH between 2 and 5
  • MULTI-PURPOSE- neutral with a pH between 5 and 9
  • DEGREASER- alkaline with a pH between 9 and 12
  • STRIPPER- strong alkaline with a pH between 13 and 14


The picture above shows 24 of our commonly sold products.  The products that have a range in their pH depend on their dilution rate.  Products such as Citrusolve and Blue Thunder (since they are on the alkaline side of the scale) are great for cleaning dirt, grease and oils.  Products such as Cleen Flush and Oxivir are great for removing calcium and rust and Oxivir is an extremely effective sanitizer.

Knowing the pH of your cleaning products is essential for choosing the right product for each situation.  For example choosing Blue Thunder for cleaning up grease is a good idea based on its pH level.  Choosing something at the opposite end of the scale, such as Oxivir Plus, will not only improperly clean the surface you are trying to clean, it could also create a chemical reaction that could harm you or the surface.