Smart Cleaning Part 2: Entrance Mats and Their Benefits

Matting is one of the simplest ways to clean smart.  Research done by ISSA The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association shows that it can cost approximately $500 to remove one single pound of dirt.  To me that number sounds absurd, but then again I’ve never measured to see what one pound of dirt looks like.  An appropriate matting system can remove 80% of dirt and soils before it reaches your floors.  While each matting system is unique there are a few general rules to keep in mind.

The first point of contact someone should have when entering your business is in the form of a scraper mat outside the business.  Scraper mats are designed to remove most of the heavy dirt from shoes and boots.  Scraper mats have unique treads designed to scrape dirt off of your footwear and store it below shoe level so that it doesn’t transfer to the next person. 


Once inside the building, a combination of wiper/scraper mats is ideal.  These mats are designed to wipe and dry shoes and remove any residual dirt.  Mats with irregular designs are best because the remove dirt no matter which direction you are walking.  

Clean mats on a somewhat scheduled basis.  You should have an idea how often mats need to be cleaned but over-cleaning and under-cleaning are damaging.  An appropriate schedule considers traffic and the weather.  In the winter you may need to increase how often your mats are cleaned whereas during slow business times you may be able to delay cleanings.

A general rule of thumb is each person that walks through your doors should make contact with a mat four to six times per foot.  For some businesses that system simply can’t work.  At Kitsupply, for example, you would have to take very tiny steps to reach that number of steps because our reception desk is not too far away from the door.  Each matting system is specific to you, your business and expected traffic.  Let us help you clean smart with an entrance matting system!