Air Freshener Showdown: Microburst 3000 vs TCell

In a perfect world nothing would smell bad, but in reality sometimes life stinks.  Chances are your air freshener isn’t cutting it or is not very cost effective.  In this post, comparing Microburst 3000 Air Freshener and TCell Air Freshener, you will see solutions that are hassle free and leave you odor free.

TCell Continuous Air Care

t-cell refill summer sorbet

t-cell deodorant wall dispenser

t-cell refill citrus
TCell Continuous Air Care is a silent operation system that provides a consistent level of fragrance from day 1 through to day 90.  The system is easy to install and the refills are easy to switch providing a hassle-free experience.  Refills can be purchased by the case or individually so you can enjoy a variety of scents or stick with your favourite.  Because of TCell’s user friendly design paired with its consistent level of fragrance, TCell can be counted on in situations where keeping up with your air freshener isn’t your top priority.

Scents availalbe: Pure Odor Neutralizer, Polar Mist, Crystal Breeze, Cucumber Melon, Summer Sorbet, Tropical Sunrise, Vanilla Cream and Citrus.  Click image below for scent intensity chart.

tcell intensity chart

Microburst 3000

microburst 3000 refill ocean breeze Microburst 3000 dispener lcd microburst 3000 refill cinnamon spice

Microburst 3000 is a programmable air freshener that targets the odor of individual bathrooms.  Microburst 3000 refills deliver 3 times more odor neutralizing fragrance with each spray than ordinary refills.  The refills each contain 3000 sprays of frangrance.  Because this product is programmable it is extremely cost efficient because it is not being used when it doesn’t need to be.  It can be programmed to run 12 or 24 hours per day and 5, 6 or 7 days a week and can last from 30-168 days depending on how it’s programmed.

Scents available: Cinnamon Spice, Cucumber Melon, Country Delight, Linen Fresh, Mandarin Orange, Mango, Mountain Peak, Ocean Breeze, Orchard Fields, Raspberry Green Tea and Vanilla.  Click image below for scent intensity chart.
microburst intensity chart