Mountain Organic Ice Melter

Mountain Organic

Winter season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about removal of snow and ice.  There are many options on the market to do this and Mountain Organic Ice Melt is not something to be overlooked.

Rock Salt vs Mountain Organic Ice Melter

Rock Salt Mountain Organic Ice Melter
·         Salt will freeze ·         Mountain Organic Ice Melter has an effective melting temperature of -23⁰C
·         Salt will track into your house, store, or building ·         Ice Melter dissolves and will disappear (when used as directed)
·         Salt will crack concrete over time and damage vegetation which results in higher costs to the community. ·         Ice Melter has an anti-corrosion inhibitor package to help prevent rust, protect concrete and protect against root and turf damage.
·         Salt will stain your floors, shoes, carpets ·         Ice Melter leaves no residue and will not damage flooring or leather.
  ·         Ice Melter is non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets
  ·         Mountain Organic Ice Melter is environmentally safer, biodegradable-leaves no hazardous residue affecting wildlife or groundwater.

How it Works

When ice melter granules contact ice or snow, they begin to form a brine solution.  This brine is central to the melting process, as it will not freeze initially.

The brine becomes more diluted as it melts the ice or snow, until it eventually refreezes.  How long it takes for this refreezing to occur depends on the amount of ice melter applied and the effectiveness of each granule.

IMPORTANT: Follow application rates.  Studies have shown that ice melters are often applied at 2-5 times the recommended rate.  Aside from the potential environmental damage caused by this over application, the increase in cost is staggering!  If possible use a broadcast spreader and follow the directions on the bag.